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Dinosapian pt. 2
Awhile ago, I created a sentient dinosaur… but after a few tips of constructive criticism, I decided to revamp it. So here it is...
Simiosaurus (monkey lizard) is an omnivorous, non-avian theropod dinosaur of close relation to dromaeosaurs and troodontids. The animal is 2.5 meters long and 1.4 meters tall (thank you Covelloraptor for the size estimates) and possess a 45 degree angle in its back to compensate for its long arms. These arms end in three digit hands, two fingers and a thumb. Their legs are well developed and the most inner toe has the biggest claw, which is used for combat between males.
I based the colors of a speckled owl, a pileated woodpecker, a northern goshawk, and an eastern grass owl. I tried to make the head larger than the other picture, but I can't tell if it shows. Now once again I've got something for you guys; a little challenge I came up with. Try to flesh them out, what's their culture and how do they live? Yeah, that's it. Good day.
Wrath of the Northmen
A request by :iconcovelloraptor: Covelloraptor
In Norse and Icelandic mythology, a draugr is an animated corpse. That's where the zombie comparisons end, as draugr possess superhuman strength, can increase their size at will, and maintain at least some semblance intelligence. Their existence is to guard their treasure, wreak havoc on the living, or torment someone who did them wrong. However they can even kill you indirectly, by driving you into insanity.

Want to know more, look it up. You too can also request me a fictional creature, as part of my new series Monster Mash.

Just drew this up, because I have not much else to do. A little shoutout to three artist I enjoy. All these people and I still sneak in a cameo. That should be an achievement in its own right!

Each character belongs to their respective creators: CNeko-chan  Pancake-the-Pikachu & YuiMurasaki 
Undertake and it's characters are property of Toby Fox
Bat Dog
Scientific Name:
Height: 2 ft. at the shoulder
Weight: 260 lbs.
Length: 7.9 ft.
Habitat: Forests, scrublands, deserts, mountains
Region: Galápagos Isles
Ancestor: Hoary Bat
Many bats in the Xenocene are flightless, being ground based predators; caninychteris follows this trend.
Caninychteris is superficially similar to a canine or a hyena, but is is a member of chiroptera. They hunt alone or in packs of 5. On many islands, they're the apex predators. Unlike dogs, caninychteris are plantigrade.
Odd Job
Bearded Knucklehorse
Scientific Name: Percutienlingua (Grasping tongue)
Classification: Two Toed
Size: 1 ton. 6' 5" at the head. 15 ft long.
Diet: Herbivore
Habitat: rainforests
Distribution: Eden
Temperament: Defensive
Knucklehorses are a family of two toeds, so named for their horse-like heads and the fact they walk on a single, fat toe while the other is used to grasp. The group superficially resembles apes, though chalicotheres would be a more apt comparison; they're low browsers, feeding on low hanging branches.
The tendrils on their face coil together in a beard-like structure, that sprawls open to reveal a membrane between them. This membrane is a colorful display used to assert their dominance over the herd, which is usually mowtly females and young with a few males.
Their tongues end in a structure used to grasp food. This appears to have evolved from the prongs on the tongue used to smell.
Check it!


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